Clint Eastwood Cowboy Favorites

As previously mentioned, in the early 1960's it was quite common to take an up-and-coming television star (yep, that's what Clint was at this time) into the recording studio and make a pop single or two to test their teen appeal.

In 1962, Clint Eastwood took this one step further when he recorded a full-length feature LP entitled: "Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites."


This page showcases some of the material found on this gem. Though the songs themselves are more of a novelty now, Eastwood does do a credible job proving he can croon with the best of them.

Reprinted below is an excerpt from the backside of the album. It's an interesting promo in that it was written years before Clint Eastwood achieved any star status. Long before Dirty Harry, and even before the Italian Westerns, this promo introduces Eastwood to the world as a "Cameo Records recording artist."

Clint Eastwood Photo


The folk songs that truly represents a branch of American culture, is the western cowboy song. Ever since courageous Americans crossed the prairies, western songs have been popular. And there is no better prototype of that "cowboy" than Cameo/ Parkway's recording artist, Clint Eastwood, a "native" westerner and a "natural" performer.

ABOUT THE SONGS -- During the long watches of the dark night, as the cowboy rode around the milling herds, he sang colorful ballads and melodies. Alone with just the moon, the stars and the herd, the songs of the cowboy were often plaintiff, sad and emotionally moving.

He sang of his home, his girl, his land of dreams and his hopes for tomorrow. In the Cameo recording, Clint Eastwood presents an exciting song picture of the west - as it was. He vividly describes the life of the cowboy...he sings of their dreams, their sorrows and their joys. And, he sings this unique collection of "Cowboy Favorites" with an intimacy and style that marks him as a true show business "great."

TRACK LISTING -- On this hi-fi recording, listen to his outstanding performance as he sings: "Bouquet of Roses," "Sierra Nevada," "Don't Fence Me In," and "Are You Satisfied." Other folks classics equally outstanding are: "Santa Fe Trail," "Last Roundup," "Mexicali Rose," Tumblin' Tumbleweed," and "Twilight On The Trail." Included also are "Searchin' For Somewhere," "I Love You More," and "San Antonio Rose."

This album represents a collection of songs closely identified with the spirit of America. Here, then, Cameo/Parkway's talented vocalist Clint Eastwood, and America's most popular "cowboy favorites"...an unsurpassed combination that spells "entertainment."

...excerpt written by Cameo Records