Dirty Harry

You don't assign him to murder cases.
You just turn him loose.

There have been few film series as popular as Warner Brothers' Dirty Harry movies starring Clint Eastwood. From the original Dirty Harry in 1971 to The Dead Pool in 1988, San Francisco homicide inspector Harry Callahan went his own way, tracking down killers while fighting his own battles within an ineffective criminal justice system. This page pays tribute to this wonderful film series.

In each Dirty Harry film, Harry's partner is either injured or killed.

 In 1968 Harry's partner Fanduchi was killed.

 In 1971 Harry's partner Dietrick was hospitalized.

 Also in 1971, Harry's new partner, Chico Gonzales, was injured and hospitalized after a gun fight with Scorpio. He saved Harry's life. Chico retired from the force and became a school teacher. Frank De Georgio became Harry's partner.

 In 1973, Harry was assigned a new partner named Early Smith. Smith was killed when a bomb detonated in his mail box. The bomb was planted by the vigilante cops. De Georgio became Harry's partner again.

 In 1976, after being demoted to personnel but before being assigned a new partner Harry's former partner Frank De Georgio, was killed by Bobby Maxwell during a robbery.

 In 1976, Harry was assigned a new partner. As the Mayor was trying to boost his popularity he began a new policy of having women on the police force. Harry's new partner was Kate Moore. Kate Moore died on Alcatraz while trying to save the mayor.

 In 1983 Harry's partner was Horace King. Harry and Horace were good friends and when Harry got sent to San Paolo, Horace went to visit him. Horace was killed in Harry's apartment.

 Until 1988 Harry worked without a partner. After testifying at the Jannero trial, Jannero wanted Harry killed. After an attempt on Harry's life where Harry killed his attackers he was assigned a new partner to cover his back. Al Quan moved into homicide to help Harry. Quan was injured when their car was partially blown up by the Dead Pool killer.

All Dirty Harry films end with the camera zooming out from the action.

In Magnum Force

 In Dirty Harry, the camera zooms out as Harry walks away from killing Scorpio and throwing his badge in the water.

 In Magnum Force, the camera zooms out as Harry walks away from the burning car of Lieutenant Briggs.

 In The Enforcer, the camera zooms out as Harry walks away from the Mayor on Alcatraz Island.

 In Sudden Impact, the camera zooms away as Harry and Jennifer Spencer walk away from the amusement park rides.

 In The Dead Pool, the camera zooms away as Harry and Samantha Walker leave the pier.

In each Dirty Harry movie someone is killed within the first 5 minutes.

Sudden Impact

 In Dirty Harry, an unknown women is killed by Scorpio while swimming in a rooftop pool.

 In Magnum Force, four gangsters are killed after leaving court by a vigilante cop.

 In The Enforcer, two gas men are killed by Bobby Maxwell in order to get their uniforms and truck.

 In Sudden Impact, a man is killed by Jennifer Spencer as an act of revenge.

 In The Dead Pool, Harry kills four gangsters who are ordered by Lou Jannero to kill him.

In each Dirty Harry film, Harry breaks up a daring robbery.

 In Dirty Harry, Harry breaks up a bank robbery by using his .44 magnum to stop the robbers. He also tricks the last robber by having him question his luck as to if Harry has a bullet left.

 In Magnum Force, Harry ends a plane hijack by posing as an airline pilot.

 In The Enforcer, Harry ends a liquor store robbery by driving his car though the store window and shooting the robbers.

 In Sudden Impact, Harry ends a robbery at his local coffee shop by killing the robbers and saving a hostage held a gun point by echoing the words,"Go ahead, make my day."

 In The Dead Pool, Harry ends a China Town restaurant robbery with the help of his partner Al Quan.

Each Dirty Harry film ends near water.

The Dirtiest!

 In Dirty Harry, Harry shoots Scorpio and sends his body splashing into the water.

 In Magnum Force, Harry ends his battle with the two of the vigilante cops on mothballed aircraft carriers in Alameda.

 In The Enforcer, Harry blows up Bobby Maxwell in the lighthouse on Alcatraz Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

 In Sudden Impact, Harry kills Jennifer Spencer's kidnappers on the amusement park boardwalk.

 In The Dead Pool, Harry kills Rook on a pier with a harpoon gun.

In four of the Dirty Harry films, Harry uses something besides his .44 Magnum to end the final confrontation.

In Sudden Impact

 In Magnum Force, Harry uses a bomb to blow up Lt. Briggs' car.

 In The Enforcer, Harry uses a missile to destroy a lookout tower on Alcatraz in which Bobby Maxwell is seeking refuge.

 In Sudden Impact, Harry uses the new .44 Magnum automag to kill his enemy at the amusement park.

 In The Dead Pool, Harry uses a harpoon gun to kill the Dead Pool killer.

In four Dirty Harry movies, the police arrive just after Harry finishes his work.

 In Dirty Harry the police start to arrive after Harry walks away from the water.

 In The Enforcer, the police helicopter arrives after Harry blows up Bobby Maxwell, announcing that they have the ransom money.

 In Sudden Impact, the police arrive after Harry kills the bad guys.

 In The Dead Pool, the police arrive while Harry is walking away from Rook.

Dirty Harry is at it again!
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The classic theme music from Dirty Harry.
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Title track from the second installment of the Dirty Harry films.
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Eerie jazzy piece that makes up that Dirty Harry sound!
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Very hip tune - great bass line and how about that record scratching!
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Tune played while Harry kicks ass at the boardwalk.


In four out of the five films, Harry's exploits were accompanied by the music of Lalo Schifrin. The six-time Oscar nominee composer-arranger-conductor created sounds designed to heighten the suspense, drive the action and emotionally enhance personal stories being told in each case.

The choice of Schifrin to score Dirty Harry was automatic. Director Don Seigal had already collaborated with Eastwood and Schifrin on Coogans Bluff(1968) and The Beguiled(1970). "It was a real collaboration," recalls the composer. "the first thing Don would tell you is, 'I don't know anything about music.' But he knew. He would inspire you by talking."

Schifrin's memorable Dirty Harry score, with its signature motif for Harry (played on electric piano) and unsettling theme for the psychotic killer Scorpio, is a masterpiece of the genre. It was a highly original choice, like so much of the score: the combination of jazz and rock elements; an avant-garde use of strings; and in Schifrin's words "a motif of pathos."

Magnum Force (1973) demanded a different approach. This time Harry was out to stop motorcycle cops who banded together into a clandestine vigilante force. For the main title, Schifrin again used voices, "to establish a link between the originals Dirty Harry and the sequel." And while Harry's motif returned briefly, the killers of this film were denoted instead by military-style snare drums and synthesizer.

The composer returned with a fresh new sound for Sudden Impact (1983), the sole entry in the series to be directed by Eastwood himself. "I wanted to do something a bit more contemporary for the newer audiences who might not even have known who Dirty Harry was," Schifrin says. Against pan.mp3ic shots of San Francisco at night, he created a partly electronic, partly orchestral and undeniably hip soundscape that also incorporated the sounds of police sirens and radio transmissions.

Eastwood and Schifrin clearly admire one another, and the results are audible in Schifrin's new collection of music from three of the Dirty Harry Films. Lalo Schifrin's "Dirty Harry Anthology" is a must-have CD for any Dirty Harry fan.