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Web Site Screen Shot As webmaster of a popular site such as this, I often get asked many of the same questions over and over again. Hopefully this page will help answer some of the questions you might have regarding Clint Eastwood and this website.

If you have other questions about Clint Eastwood or his films, please post them on the original Clint Eastwood Discussion Board, where knowledgeable fans everywhere will see them and try to help.

Important Notice: This site is no longer actively updated and the information below remains for achival purposes only.


Q: This site doesn't look quite right. What gives?
A: This site is coded in XHTML and uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and advanced use of frames and JavaScript in its design. For optimal viewing, please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox with JavaScript enabled. We also recommend a minimum screen resolution setting of 1024x768 with a high color setting (32 bit color).

Q: Why can't I get the video clips to play?
A: The video segments on this site are encoded in RealVideo format which requires the RealPlayer (the free version). RealVideo allows you to view video clips in real-time over the Internet without having to download them.

Note: Please make sure you select your correct connection speed when viewing the videos! Failure to do so may result in the clips not playing, long pauses in playback and/or choppy, unwatchable video. There are four connection speed to choose from. For optimal performance, use this reference as a guide.

56K -- For users with 56K modems or single ISDN lines (64K).
100K -- For users with dual ISDN lines (128K) or DSL/Cable modems.
300K -- For users with fast broadband connections. Fast DSL/Cable modems.

If you are accessing videos during periods of peak internet traffic, video playback may also be affected.

Q: Why can't I get the audio/music clips to play?
A: The audio files on this site are available in RealAudio® format which requires the RealPlayer to play. The reason for this is two-fold. RealAudio® files are much smaller in size than WAV or MP3 files (good for us) and they can be played instantly without having to download them (good for you). Plus, the sound quality of our RealAudio® files are superior to WAV files (good for you again!). For more information on RealAudio®, and RealPlayer, see below:

Why RealPlayer?
RealPlayer allows you to enjoy high quality streaming audio and video over the Internet. The RealAudio® files found at ClintEastwood.net are not only smaller in size than wav and MP3 files, the sound quality is superb plus they play in real-time! Plus, when these files were first created years ago for this site, RealPlayer was it!

Installing RealPlayer - It's FREE!
This download link will lead you to a page on the RealNetworks site that offers two versions of the player. In order to receive the free player, make sure to click on the "Free Player" link on this page.

Playing Clips
The clips on ClintEastwood.net will play and sound best when using a fast internet connection. If you experience any audio clipping or distortion, please make sure your connection speed is up to par. You may also try increasing the amount of buffered play in the RealPlayer's settings.

Q: How can I get a copy of your music clips in WAV or MP3 format?
A: Due to the large size of WAV and MP3 files and limited server space, our music files are only available in RealAudio® format. Sorry, but right now there are no plans to post them in any format other than this. Keep in mind that almost all of the music found on this site is available on CD, which we highly recommend getting.

Q: I want to link to your site?
A: Great! Link away! Please link to our main URL though and not to any individual files. Since this site uses frames in its design, please use the following URL for all incoming links: http://www.clinteastwood.net

Q: I found a mistake, dead link or typo.
A: Ah, human error. Hopefully there aren't too many of these but should you come across something please contact us. Suggestions and corrections are always welcome!

Q: Where can I write Clint Eastwood to request an autograph?
A: See next question (below).

Q: What is Clint Eastwood's mailing address?
A: The official address to write Clint Eastwood is:

Clint Eastwood
C/O Malpaso Productions, Warner Bros.
4000 Warner Blvd,
Burbank CA, 91522

Q: What is Clint Eastwood's e-mail address?
A: We do not have an official public e-mail address for Clint Eastwood, so please do not ask.

Q: Where can I buy Pale Rider Ale?
A: Pale Rider Ale is no longer being brewed, thus, can no longer be purchased.

Q: What is the name of Clint Eastwood's clothing line?
A: Clint Eastwood is part owner of Tehama (pronounced te-HAY-ma), which showcases a collection of men's and women's golf apparel. For more information, click here.

Q: Where can I find Clint Eastwood stuff to buy over the Internet?
A: Check out our Clint Eastwood Marketplace where you can purchase Clint Eastwood videos, DVDs, Music CD's, Books and Posters.

Q: How tall is Clint Eastwood and when was he born?
A: Clint Eastwood is 6'4 and was born on May 31st, 1930.

Q: Who is Clint Eastwood's father?
A: Clint Eastwood's father is Clinton Eastwood, Sr. (Stan Laurel is NOT Clint Eastwood's father!)

Q: I have a question that is not answered here, what can I do?
A: Try doing a search of past discussions on our Discussion Board. If that does not help, the best (and fastest) way to get your question(s) answered is to post your question directly on the Discussion Board. We have many knowledgeable Eastwood fans from around the world that frequent this board and can help answer any questions you may have.

Q: Can I contribute material to this site?
A: Yes! We are always looking for new material to place on the site. If you have access to any old records, radio spots, photos or textthat you think would be a nice addition, please contact us. Send us your ideas, comments and suggestions too!