Clint Eastwood Time Line

Not many actors nor film-makers have equaled Clint Eastwood's singular achievement: he has appealed powerfully and continuously to a wide and enthusiastic audience even while creating a body of work that is personal and idiosyncratic.

As an actor, he doesn't waste words; as a director he doesn't waste images. Cool, charismatic, wry, and deadly, he makes his point and moves on. Cinematically at least, Clint Eastwood is The Man With No Limits.

This Time Line takes a look back into Clint Eastwood's life and career, documenting major events, film releases, and personal accomplishments that have occurred throughout his life. It's set up and categorized by decade (1960, 1970, etc.) so to get started, click on the year where you wish to begin.

Clint Eastwood
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