Clint Eastwood Time Line1950's

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Decides to return to school to major in music but is drafted into the army.
Goes to Fort Ord on The Monterey Peninsula to serve his time in the Army during the Korean War. It was while he was in the Army that Eastwood developed a love for the Carmel/Monterey Peninsula.
While at Fort Ord, Eastwood met and made friends with two actors: Martin Milner of TV's route 66 and david janssen of tv's The Fugitive. He also met an assistant director from Universal-International. All three men encouraged Eastwood to try his hand in Hollywood once he had served his time.
Eastwood meets a young woman named Maggie Johnson on a blind date. She was a student at The University of California, Berkeley. The two hit it off immediately and dated throughout the rest of Eastwood's time at fort ord, seeing each other on the weekends.

When Eastwood was honorably discharged, he moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in L.A. City College. He and Maggie continued dating, and during his Christmas break, on December 19, 1953, they were married.

The director that Eastwood had met in the army was no longer with Universal-International, but Eastwood persuaded a man named Arthur Lubin to give him a screen test. It was a silent test in which Eastwood had to stand and walk in front of the camera.
Of the experience, Eastwood said, "I thought I was an absolute clod. It looked pretty good, it was photographed well, but I thought, 'If that's acting, I'm in trouble.'"
Three weeks after the original screen test, he was offered a stock acting contract with the studio at $75/week with 40 weeks of work/year guaranteed. He started acting classes immediately and shortly thereafter had his screen debut. Eastwood received one of his first film credits in Francis in the Navy (1955). His army buddy, David Janssen, also appeared in the film.

Has various small roles in such films as Tarantula , Revenge Of The Creature , Lady Godiva , and Francis in The Navy .

Still working for Universal, he lands more minor parts in Never Say Goodbye , The First Traveling Saleslady , and Star in the Dust .
Gets released from his Universal contract.
Goes back to digging swimming pools to make ends meet.

Gets acting work once again doing commercials, and appearing in various guest television roles.

Stars in Ambush At Cimarron Pass , a film he later described as "maybe the worst film ever made."
While visiting a friend at CBS, Eastwood was noticed by network executive Robert Sparks, who asked him to read for the second lead in the television series Rawhide. One week later, he was cast as Rowdy Yates.

The western series Rawhide premieres on television, January 9th.
CBS series has a seven year run and was the last show to be filmed exclusively in black and white.
An immediate success, the Rawhide series developed Eastwood's laconic, tough-guy image and ushered him into Hollywood circles. It wasn't long before he was appearing at events alongside the likes of Lucille Ball and Gene Autry.