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The films Kelly's Heroes and Two Mules For Sister Sara are both released this year.
Both films open on the same night in New York city.
Records Kelly's Heroes theme song "Burning Bridges" for Certron Records.

Busy year for Clint! Hollywood Foreign Press Association honors Clint with a Golden Globe Award as the world's top movie star.
The movie The Beguiled is released and despite its box office failure in the U.S., remains a personal favorite to Eastwood. European critics were ecstatic over this film, however, and is considered by many foreign critics to be one of the great films of the seventies.
Appears on the cover of Life Magazine, July 23rd, with the title reading "The world's favorite movie star is - no Kidding - Clint Eastwood."
His next film marks his directorial debut, the psychological thriller Play Misty For Me.
Clint's reputation as a fast and efficient film maker begins. Play Misty For Me was shot in only 4 and a half weeks, without a single studio shot, with a total budget of just under $750,000!
Replaces an injured Frank Sinatra in Dirty Harry, his first starring role for Warner Bros.
The classic film Dirty Harry is released and movie audiences flock to see it, despite criticism about its unnecessary violence.

Follows it up with what is probably Clint's least known Western, Joe Kidd. It hardly mattered though because it was on the heals of the ultra successful Dirty Harry.
Opens the restaurant Hog's Breath Inn, Carmel, California.
Named #1 box office attraction for 1972.
His daughter, Alison Eastwood, is born on May 22nd.
Appointed by President Nixon to the National Council on the Arts.

Directs himself once again in the mystical western High Plains Drifter.
Directs Breezy (the first of only 3 films in which he does not star himself).
Releases Magnum Force, the sequel (of sorts) to Dirty Harry.
Named #1 box office attraction again for 1973.

The hit Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is released.
Named #1 box office attraction for 1974.

The Eiger Sanction, another Eastwood directed film, succeeds at the box office.
Relocates Malpaso Production offices from Universal to Warner Bros.

The film The Outlaw Josey Wales, perhaps one of his greatest films ever, is released to outstanding audience support, despite the fact that many critics were predicting the western to be dead.
First film of many co-starring one time love interest Sandra Locke.
Releases The Enforcer (the 3rd Harry Callahan flick).

The movie The Gauntlet heats up the box office.

Clint Appears on the cover of Time Magazine with Burt Reynolds, January 9th.
Turns down the lead role in the film, Apocalypse Now.
The comedy Every Which Way But Loose is Warner Bros. second highest grossing film of the year (second only to Superman).

Releases Escape From Alcatraz, Eastwood's fifth and final film directed by Don Siegel.
Only actor to be in the box office Top Ten for an entire decade.
Separates with his first wife Maggie.