Clint Eastwood Time Line1980's
Hand Prints
Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from The People's Choice Awards.
The films Bronco Billy and Any Which Way You Can are both released this year.
Records two singles: "Bar Room Buddies" with Merle Haggard for the Bronco Billy soundtrack, and "Beers to You" with Ray Charles for the Any Which Way You Can film.

Stars in the films Firefox and Honky Tonk Man.
Clint and his first wife Maggie divorce.

"Go ahead, make my day!" was the catch phrase this year when the fourth Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact, was released. The biggest and arguably the best Dirty Harry picture yet.
Turns Down the lead role for the film The Killing Fields.
Named #1 box office attraction for 1983!

Records the single "Make My Day" with T.G. Sheppard.
Tightrope and City Heat are released to the theaters this year.
Places hand prints and signature in cement in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

Goes back to the genre that first made him famous with the western hit Pale Rider.
Directs an episode of the Steven Spielberg television series "Amazing Stories."
Makes the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

Runs for Mayor of Carmel, California, and wins! His salary - $200.00 a month.
The film Heartbreak Ridge is released in the midst of a slight controversy. The Marine Corps, which co-operated entirely throughout the filming, became dismayed at what they felt were inaccuracies in the practices of the Marine personnel and boycotted the film's premiere.

Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
As mayor, Clint personally welcomes Pope John Paul II to Carmel, CA during his visit to America.

Harry Callahan returns in the fifth and final Dirty Harry film, The Dead Pool.
Directs the critically acclaimed film, Bird, starring Forest Whitaker, and wins a Golden Globe Award for Best Director.
Voted People's Choice All-Time Favorite Movie Celebrity.
Does not run for 2nd term as Carmel Mayor.

Looking to regain the Every Which But Loose audience, Clint stars in Pink Cadillac. Unfortuantely the audience doesn't show up - the film is a dud.